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Golf Outing Reunion 2000

The Foundation has been having another exciting year. Students from both the grade school and the high school have benefited from the generosity of our supporters.

The new Accelerated Reader Program was a main focus for the Foundation. After a student reads a book from the Accelerated Reader list, he or she takes a computerized test, which is scored based on the difficulty level of the book, and the number of questions answered correctly. Since the results are tracked on the computer, a report can be printed out allowing teachers and parents to see the progress. Thousands of dollars from the Foundation were used to purchase more books and test disks. The Accelerated Reader Program is proving to be very successful, and we hope to continue our support.

We saw further expansion of the scholarship program in 1999 to help students pursue post-high school education. Two scholarships were awarded in the amount of $750 each, which was $250 more per scholarship than last year. In addition as a 1-time event, two additional $750 scholarships were awarded from memorials received for Kathryn Hart.

We appreciate and look forward to the continued support from our community and corporate friends. Their donations and memorials will allow the Foundation to remain committed to the successful future of the Oblong Schools.

Oblong Schools Academic Foundation President

Howard Bilyew

Roy Dart: Fannie Roberts, M/MJerry Ping, M/M Raulin Shryock, K&K Grain Farms Inc, M/M Chuck Baker, M/M Dean Dart

Hascal Hart: Fannie & Karen Roberts, M/M Don Davis, M/M Larry Lorance, M/M Kevin Harris, Judy Britton, M/M David Goodwin, M/M Wilfred Cross, M/M Tony Williams, M/M Walter Hart, 1st Christian Church-Oblong, M/M Howard Bilyew, Dan Weck, M/M Lawrence Granby, Old National Bank, M/M Joe Bayless, Audrey Weck, M/M Charlie Sandboch, M/M Charlie Hedricks, M/M Robert Weck, M/M Jerry Harmon

Forest Littlejohn: M/M Kenneth Taylor, Margery Littlejohn, M/M Myrl Littlejohn, M/M Chuck Baker, M/M Harold Otey, M/M Warren Parker, M/M Jerry Ping, Pulliam Funeral Home, M/M Larry Lorance, Marathon Human Resources, Ashland Petroleum LLC, M/M Norman White, Marilyn Simons, Old National Bank, First Crawford State Bank

Kasey Tracy: Neighbors (Jean Cox, Jim French, Todd Allen, Winifred Michl, M/M Norman Frapp, Terri Mendenhall), Jon Dart/ Sarah French, M/M Rod Stewart, Joan Knollenberg, M/M Glen Bonnell, M/M Clarence Becktell, OHS Class of 1979, Fern Waldrop, Lois Ikemire, Paul Perkins, M/M David Goodwin, Bobby Tracy Jr, M/M Doug Slater, M/M Charles Inboden, M/M Bob Tracy, David Bayless & children, M/M Joe Bayless, Rose Ann Bailey, M/M Bob Glezen

Donald Heleine: M/M Bill Bandy, Connie Dishman, M/M Rick Catt, 1st Robinson Savings Bank, The Gurley Family, The Terry Family, Mary Curts, M/M Mike Curts, Mike & Jane Smith, M/M Doug Newlin, M/M Jim Britton, M/M Jerry Ping, M/M Bob Glezen, Crawford County Rescue Squad, Bill Reynolds, M/M Ocie Smith III, M/M Mark Fielder, M/M Gary Workman, M/M Chris Harris, Dorsey Kirk Insurance, M/M Bob Cain, M/M Rod Stewart, Jon Dart/Sarah French, Kay Sparks, M/M Ron Randle, M/M Greg Mendenhall, M/M John Rankin, Allen Price, Rhonda Musgrave, Dr. & Mrs. Charles Salesman, M/M John Cross, M/M Randy Rich, M/M Jim Knollenberg, Rural King Employees, Sylvia Heleine, 1st Baptist Church-Robinson, Shella Titsworth, M/M Wayne Tracy, M/M Tim Attaway, M/M Larry Lewis, Kraemer & Anderson families, Emmitt Rains, Roy Schlosser, Pekin Life Insurance Company Inner Circle Club, M/M David Pringle, Lawrence Grandy, Crawford County Board of Insurance Agents, Bituminous Insurance, Oblong Chamber of Commerce, Phil Boyd, M/M Howard Bilyew, Robert Pippin, Crawford County Insurance Employees

Ralph Aten: Jim Caywood, M/M Bill Holt

Sanford Bailey: M/M Don Davis, Central United Methodist Church Searcher’s S.S. Class, Karen Maddox, W.J. Cross, Keith Holt, Harry Williams, Jerry Harmon, M/M Joe Bayless, M/M Jim Knollenberg, M/M Robert Gifford, M/M Chloris Lorance, M/M Dale Fielder, M/M Harold Sholders, M/M Richard Bollinger, Harmon’s Coffee Club, M/M Kenneth Neal, Anita Catt, M/M Rick Catt, M/M Roy Greenlee, M/M Mackie Woods, M/M Tom Eden, M/M Paul Finney, M/M Wes Robinson, M/M Jay Ping, M/M Sam Robinson, M/M Leo Lindsey, M/M Harold Otey, M/M Myrl Littlejohn, M/M Jack Jenkins, M/M Kevin Flexter, John Rice, M/M Paul Smith, Dr. Michael & Barbara Fleener, M/M Patrick Vezeau, M/M Todd Gray, Lybrand Beard, M/M Clyde Gross, Gene Laws, Kathy West, Lynn Gross-Woodside

Pauline Richey: M/M Harry Williams, Shumway Grade School, M/M Jerry Harmon, M/M Pete Finney, M/M Jim Dennis, Fannie Roberts & family, M/M Keith Holt, M/M Mervin Thacker, M/M Frank Weber, Friends & Neighbors (Wanda Watts, Ruby Paddick, M/M Dennis Paddick, Mac McCoy & Family, M/M Wisely, M/M Wayne Tracy, M/M Leonard Kirk, M/M Bernard Helm, M/M Jimmy Hill, M/M Arvin Moden, Vivienne Ackman, Zelma Lewis, Romona Lewis & Trinity, M/M John Helm, M/M Jerry Lewis), M/M Joe Bayless, M/M Fred Kirts, Josephine Smith, M/M Richard Wilkin, M/M Eric Eubank, M/M Bob Glezen, P.E.O. Chapter KS, Gene Laws, 1st Christian Church-Oblong

Lou Henry: M/M Bob Glezen, Joan Knollenberg, Jerry Henry, M/M Warren Parker, M/M Rod Stewart, M/M Don Newbold, M/M Elmer Terry, M/M W. Dee Terry, M/M Jack Kilburn, M/M Chuck Baker, Class of 1959, M/M Lavern Debatin, M/M Sam Robinson, M/M John Meese, M/M Rick Kirk, M/M Keith Sheridan, M/M Charlie Miller, M/M Jim Kirts, M/M Randy Littlejohn, M/M Raymond Musgrave, M/M Kenneth Williams, M/M Darrell Meese, M/M Rick Holt, M/M Irvin York, M/M David York, M/M Jay Ping, Virginia Robinson, Cathy Brown, David Bayless, M/M Bill Lewis, Dorothy Leichty, M/M Terry Ruddell, Betty Taylor, M/M Mick Lewis, Bob Weppler, Lewis L. Henry, M/M Ocie Smith III, M/M Ken Williams, Leah Chiddix, M/M Scotty Chiddix, M/M Steve Bell, M/M Harold Sholders, M/M David Sheridan, M/M Jerry Vaughn, M/M Greg Nye, M/M Jack Vaughn, M/M Mackie Woods, M/M Howard Bilyew, M/M Myrl Littlejohn, M/M Frank Yager, M/M David Pringle, M/M Max Leichty, M/M Phil Boyd, M/M Dennis Paddick, M/M Bill Hill, CILA House, M/M Charlie Clark, M/M Charlie Alumbaugh, M/M Rondel Boyd, M/M Paul Heath, M/M Jack Gallion, M/M Dean Siverly, M/M Chuck Bolton

Jennie Ditty: Lela Smith

Polly Settlemeyer: M/M Bruce Smith

Iona Newell York: Class of 1951

The Oblong Schools Academic Foundation would like to thank Don Corn for his assistance in publishing this year’s annual report as well as in previous years..

The Oblong Elementary Library received $11,000 to implement an Accelerated Reader Program in grades 1-8. These funds provided for the purchase of Accelerated Reader books and the accompanying computerized testing program to provide tangible validation and immediate feedback on reading achievement. Once a student’s reading level is determined, he chooses books from a wide selection of titles within that ability level. The student reads the book then takes a computer generated test over the book. The software gives the student and teacher a wide variety of reports as well as diagnostic and evaluative data. The teacher is alerted to students at risk as well as high achieving students.

Some very positive aspects of the Accelerated Reader Program have already been documented. Circulation has increased more than 200%. Over 400 books a day circulate through the Oblong Elementary Library. Students are visibly excited about reading. Even reluctant readers are finding success with Accelerated Reader. Significant reading growth has been recorded at every grade level, along with an outstanding sense of accomplishment.

Reading is basic to understanding everything else. Reading will improve comprehension and vocabulary skills, which in turn will have an impact on academic success. Offering students a wide variety of excellent books has greatly improved the level of motivation and, by all indicators, has instilled a love of reading and a pride in individual reading achievements and accomplishments.

The Oblong Schools Academic Foundation appreciates the donations of time, materials, and money furnished by the following supporters of the Farm Plot crop for 1999.

Ocie Smith and Sons Planting, Harvesting, Hauling
Mike Smith Seed
Mont Eagle Mills – Bob Glezen Fertilizer, Chemicals
Old National Bank – Oblong Monetary donation
First Robinson Savings Bank Monetary donation
Labor, materials, and monetary donations valued at $2961.
Board Of Directors of Oblong Academic Foundation
Howard Bilyew (President) Jodi Littlejohn (Secretary)
Diana Woodland (VP) Diane Glezen (Treasurer)
Amy Angle, Tim Attaway, Phil Boyd, Linda Cravens, Danny Deatherage, Earl Deckard, Chad Harmon, Gene Dart, Donna Henry, Steve Holliday, Mitzi Martin, Kathleen Moore, Fannie Roberts

Donations received on an ongoing basis are the reason the Foundation thrives and is able to provide assistance to the students and faculty of the Oblong School District. Thanks to the following corporate and individual donors for their continued support:

Dana Corporation
Mont Eagle Mills
Shimer Printing

Quentin Abraham
Richard & Louise Bidle
Marcella Clark
Gilbert Coleman
John Collings
C.W. & Norma Curtis
Jean Curtis
Kathryn Denhart
Dr. Robert & Ann Flick
Hobart Hamilton
Diana Tuel Helvie
Tom Moore – Kemper CPA Group
Pauline Musgrave
Frank Weber
Mackie & Karen Woods
Gary Zellers

Anyone interested in making a tax-deductible donation may do so by sending a check to:
Oblong Schools Academic Foundation
P.O. Box 205
Oblong IL 62449

Accelerated Reading Program$11,000
Attend Physics Day at St. Louis$125
After School Tutoring$500
CD Player (3)$300
Spanish Books & Videos$373
Equipment purchased for OHS Science Dept to assist students in study of light & its affect on various media
Cassette/CD Player (6)$600
Attendance Incentives$750
TV/VCR & Mounting Bracket$434
TV/VCR & Cables$755
Farm Data Subscription (1/2)$250
High School Server Update$825

The Academic Foundation held its 4th and most successful golf outing on Friday, Aug. 6, 1999 at Oak Glen Golf Course. The 76 golfers enjoyed lunch, 18 holes of golf with cart and many prizes. The event raised over $3000.
All persons interested in helping make the 2000 event even greater should mark their calendar for Friday, August 4, 2000. For more information or to be put on our mailing list, please contact the Golf Committee at PO Box 205, Oblong IL 62449.
L.G. Balfour Co. – CarbondaleCharlie Inc – Robinson
Jerry Ping Trucking – OblongJesse B.Holt – Newton
Ochs Chev-Olds-Buick – NewtonAlblinger & Kirts – Oblong
Pulliam Funeral Home – OblongHershey – Robinson
Superior Welding – RobinsonMont Eagle Mills – Oblong
Harmon’s Healthmart – OblongCrawford Co. Ins. – Oblong
Bunn Capitol Co. – SpringfieldIrma Coats – Oblong
Daybreak Landscaping – OblongFGM Architects/Engineers
Sam White-ROE #12 – RobinsonPauline Parker – Hardinville
Miller, Tracy, Braun Funk & Paisley – Monticello
1st Rob’n Savings Bank – Oblong, Robinson, & Sumner
1st Crawford St. Bank – Oblong & Robinson
Old National Bank – Oblong
M/M Bill Rosborough – Hardinville

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September 29 & 30, 2000

Fri., Sept. 29, 2000 Football game / tailgate
Sat., Sept. 30, 2000 Dinner /entertainment
"Honoring Class of 1950"

Tickets:Single - $20   Couple - $35

Sponsored by
Oblong Schools Academic Foundation
& First Robinson Savings Bank

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