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President’s Message Dear Friends:

Thank you for your support of the Academic Foundation.

This academic year has certainly been exciting for the Foundation as well as the Oblong community. The spring of 2001, the Oblong community overwhelmingly voted to support a $4 million dollar renovation of the grade school. This project, which is scheduled to be completed 2003, will add 10 new classrooms, a music room and gym renovation. The Foundation board enthusiastically supports this expansion with a pledge of $20,000.

The Foundation also responded favorably to over $10,000 in grant requests from the Oblong schools faculty and administration. The Accelerated Reader Program, the high school English Department, the Perfect Attendance program, as well as many individual classrooms benefited from Academic Foundation grants. The Academic Foundation proudly supported both the Math Team and FBLA. The Math Team won the Illinois State Math Team competition and our Future Business Leaders of America organization sent two representatives to the National Finals in Orlando, FL.

Awarding scholarships for post high school work continues to be a mission of the Foundation. Awards for the class of 2001 were presented to Travis Aten and Adam Davis. Both students were recognized and honored at graduation for their achievements.

Your contributions, whether donations of your time and financial resources, or gifts of memorials in the name of a loved one, all play an important part in the success of the Foundation. Thank you very much for your continued support.

We look forward to another great academic year in 2002!

Best wishes,

Steve Holliday


Oblong Academic Foundation

Golf Outing

The Oblong Schools Academic Foundation held its 6th Annual Golf Outing on Friday August 3, 2001 at Oak Glen Golf Course. For the second year in a row the Foundation raised over $4,100 to be used for all the students of the Oblong School District. 72 golfers had lunch and then teed off for an afternoon of golf, prizes and games. Several of the golfers, as in past years, have been with us since the beginning and look forward to this outing every year.

Again this year we were blessed by the great support of our hole sponsors. Several of these sponsors also had teams and enjoyed the golf and visiting with the Foundation members and school officials. Pictured are the winning teams in each flight for the 2001 outing. Why don't you plan to join us and show your support for the Oblong School District by being a hole sponsor, golfer or both at our outing scheduled for Friday August 2, 2002 at Oak Glen Golf Course. For more information or to be put on our mailing list, please contact the

Golf Committee / Academic Foundation
P.O. Box 205
Oblong, IL 62449

2001 Hole Sponsors:
Anderson Machine & Welding -Oblong
Stacey Sisk Balfour-Taylor Agency - Carbondale
Bunn Capitol - Springfield
Charley Inc. - Robinson
Cox, Phillips, Weber & Tedford - Oblong
Irma Coats - Oblong
Crawford County Insurance - Oblong
Cross Oil & Well Service - Oblong
Daybreak Landscape - Oblong
FGM Architects/Engineers - Mt. Vernon
First Crawford State Bank -Oblong
First Robinson Savings Bank - Oblong
Harmon's Drug Store - Oblong
Hershey's - Robinson
Ickes Chevrolet - Robinson
Jerry Ping Trucking - Oblong
Louis Ochs Chevrolet - Newton
Miller, Tracy, Braun,Funk & Paisley - Monticello
Mont Eagle Mills - Oblong
Old National Bank -Oblong
Pulliam Funeral Home - Oblong
Sam White ROE #12 - Robinson
Superior Welding - Robinson
Sycamore Engineering - Terre Haute
T-Graphics - Oblong
Oblong IGA – Oblong
Cortelyou Machine & Welding - Oblong
Community Unit Four Education Association - Oblong
John Collings - Oblong
Connor & Connor Inc. - Robinson
Nolan Worms Insurance - Casey
McCoy & Howard Consulting Engineers - Mt. Vernon
Ehlers & Associates - Naperville
Oblong Gem - Oblong

2001 Scholarship

Community support of the Foundation made possible two $750.00 scholarships to the class of 2001. These were awarded to Adam Davis and Travis Aten.

Adam Davis is the son of Kip and Karen Davis. He is attending Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and enrolled in the Air Force ROTC.
Travis Aten is the son of Dean and Pam Aten. He is attending Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois majoring in Youth Ministry.
Note: Anyone interested in checking the mailing list for a class can contact OHS or the office of the superintendent.


Donations allow the Foundation to provide extras for students and faculty at OHS/OES. We wish to give special recognition to donors in 2001:
Robert & Catherine Sheets
Oblong Township
Mont Eagle Mills
Victor & Anne Calvert
Dana Corporation
Kemper CPA Group – Tom Moore
Shimer Printing
Warren & Janice Baker
Old National Bank
John Collings
Hugh & Margorie Deale

The Foundation diligently tries to acknowledge every donor. If we missed anyone, we apologize.

Anyone interested in making a tax-deductible donation may do so by sending a check to:

Oblong Schools Academic Foundation
P.O. Box 205
Oblong IL 62449

Foundation Members

Steve Holliday,
Howard Bilyew,
Vice President
Diana Woodland,
Louise Purcell,



Amy Angle Tim Attaway Phil Boyd Gene Dart
Lori Davis Danny Deatherage Earl Deckard Chad Harmon
Donna Henry Jodi Littlejohn Mitzi Martin Kathleen Moore
Sara Ping Fannie Roberts


Thursday Club $500
4th Grade Science Fair prizes $200
Departmental After-School Tutoring $500
OHS English Dept – video recorder with
tripod & (3) combination audio
Cassette/CD players
ACT Test Preparation $120
Science & social studies videos
for 2nd & 4th grades
Excellence in Accelerated Reader
program rewards
Future Business Leaders of America
trip to National Leadership Conf
Farm Dayta machine $250
OHS Chorus portable keyboard $300
OES die cuts & supplies $797
OES perfect attendance awards $750
1st grade teachers (3 CD compact stereos) $287
1st grade teachers (owl pellets) $130
OHS perfect attendance awards $500
OHS Science Dept-cats for dissection $400
Kidspiration writing Software $200
Manipulative kits $480
Reference Books $80
Science Discovery Chest $150
Driver Ed software $400
Business Lab Upgrades via Dana Corp $2000

Farm Plot Supporters

Thanks to the following who graciously donated time, services, materials and/or money:
K & K Farms Planting, Harvesting & Hauling
Midwest Seeds (Chris Yelley) Furnishing the seed
Old National Bank Purchasing the fertilizer and chemicals

2001 Memorial Listing

Reba Traylor: M/M Mack Henry

Nelly Akins: Sally Menke, Elzora Sanders, Pat Bomer, M/M Scott Woods, M/M Alonza Dart, Travis & Teresa Smith, Alice Weaver, M/M Jim Dennis, Betsy Miller, M/M Herschel Noblit, M/M Steve Wall, Pauline Sanders, Byron Sanders, M/M Bob Lehmann, M/M Greg Henry, M/M Gerald Weaver, M/M Carl York, M/M Cliff Schiller, M/M John Musielak, M/M Rich Cravens, M/M Leon Zumbahlen, M/M Breg Bowen, Beth Vanetta, Angie Lorance, Brian & Amber Inboden, Bernadine Ridlen, Vera Ferguson, M/M Max Hosier, M/M Bill Cox Sr, M/M Bill Cox Jr, M/M Dale Rhyne, Tami & Jared Hoke, Wanda Lanter, Marilyn Osborn, M/M Roger Herder, M/M Charles Chrisman

Margorie Marshall: Kathryn Huser

Gill Hosselton: 1st Robinson Savings Bank, Bottom Line Investments

Helen Walters: M/M Lloyd Mann, M/M Bob Butcher, Lillian Wilson, M/M Ralph Dart, M/M Harold Sholders, Virginia Robinson, Elizabeth Waters, Anita Catt, M/M Rick Catt, 1st Christian Church, Kathryn Huser, M/M Harold Otey, Peggy & Herman Lippold, M/M Chuck Schiller, M/M Cliff Schiller, Jan Jennings, Marguerite Schiller, Helen Collins

Thelma Short: M/M Chuck Baker, M/M Warren Parker

David Musgrave: Dennis Paddick, Shawn Paddick, Don & Donna & Mark Newbold, M/M Jack Vaughn

Norman Evans: M/M Bob Glezen

Pauline Musgrave: 1st Christian Church, M/M Delbert Neidigh, M/M Jerry Ping, M/M Scott Chiddix & family, M/M Steve Bell & family, Leah Chiddix, M/M Warren Parker, M/M Chuck Baker & family, M/M Jack Kilburn, M/M Gene Purcell, M/M Scott Ackman & family, Cary Newbold & family, Jon Newbold & family Howard, Louise Newbold, Fannie Roberts & family, Nina Drummond, M/M Mackie Woods, M/M Ralph Dart, M/M Mike Dart, Lela & John Lofland, Hulah & Charles O’Dell, Mary & Rollin Tindall, M/M John Osteadke, M/M Warren Baker, M/M Larry Henry, M/M Harry Randolph, M/M Mac Whitmer, M/M Richard Ralston, M/M Bo Brotherton, M/M Randy Rich, M/M Jerry McDaniel, M/M Jerry Baker, M/M Max Rice, M/M Kelly Tracy, M/M Steve Earlewine, M/M Brian Leggitt, M/M Jerry Kidwell, Allen Price, M/M Tom Haley, Judy Bonnell, Avonnelle Purcell, Sandy Manhart Meeks, Fern Haines, M/M Darrell Shipman, Dessie & Rich Slocum, Judy Slocum, Virginia Robinson, M/M Sam Robinson, Wes, Gina & Jessica Robinson, Jay, Kris, Eva & Clark Ping, M/M Jim Kirts, M/M Charles Miller, M/M Rick Kirk, M/M Dean Aten, M/M Kenneth Williams, Kent Williams & Ashlie, Mary Middleton, M/M John LaFever, Shirley Utterback, M/M Dean Siverly, M/M Bill Lewis, M/M Gale Lockhart, M/M Keith Sheridan

J. Henry Bailey: Class of 1941

David Smothers: M/M Charles Baker

Ervin Leichty: Max Leighty

Janet Sage: M/M Kevin Harris, Chapter KS PEO Sisterhood, M/M Steve Woodland, M/M Brian Smith, M/M Jay Woodland, Caroline Harmon, M/M Jerry Harmon, Winifred Michl, M/M Lawrence Musgrave, FFF Sunday School Class-1st Christian Church, M/M Gene Purcell, Elm Lawn neighborhood, M/M Dennis Carder, Virginia Robinson, M/M Sam Robinson, Karen Sloggepp

Jennie Mattingly: OTHS Class of 1950, M/M Wilfred Cross, Mary Hartrich, M/M Joe Bayless, M/M Donald Newbold, M/M Bob Smithenry, M/M Pete Finney, Rodney & Cindy Flottman family, M/M Bob Butcher, M/M Bob Catt, M/M Merle Price, M/M Keith Holt, M/M Jerry Harmon, Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center Information Department

State Math Champs…


FBLA members attend Nationals….

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